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Lost Windows 7 favorites folder?

Why is My Favorites Folder Missing in Windows 7

Here's how to Backup your Favorites Folder in Windows 7

First of all where exactly is the Favorites folder located in Windows 7?

If you've recently switched from Windows XP to Windows 7, or even if you haven't, you may wonder where to find the Favorites folder. Windows 7 renamed some of its common folders. For example, you won't find Windows XP's "Documents and Settings" folder in Windows 7. In its place is the "Users" folder.

By default, this is the location of the Favorites folder. Windows 7 keeps a separate Favorites folder for each user, so if your computer has three different users, it will have three different Favorites folder. By keeping separate folders for each user, all users can have their own contacts, desktop background and shortcuts, downloads, documents, music, videos, saved games, and Favorites folder.

Windows 7 Favorites Folder Path
Assuming that your user name is Jane and that you haven't moved the folder from its default location, the path to the folder would look like this:


Finding the Favorites Folder (Windows 7) Using Windows Explorer
Start Windows Explorer by right-clicking Start and choosing Open Windows Explorer. The first thing you may notice along the left side is a star-shaped icon followed by the word "Favorites." This is NOT your Favorites folder. Windows 7 users often confuse this "Favorites" folder for the Favorites folder containing favorite websites when it really isn't. This section contains common shortcuts such as a shortcut to the desktop and downloaded documents. It also maintains a list of recently visited locations on the computer.

Ignore that so-called Favorites folder and go down to the section for your hard drive (typically the C drive). Expand it and look for Users. Expand Users and look for your user name in the list. Expand your user name and double-click on Favorites. This is your Favorites folder. Windows 7 will display its contents in the main section of Windows Explorer.


Find Missing Windows 7 Favorites Folder
Windows 7 has a useful search tool in the Start menu. If you have moved the Favorites folder and can't remember where you put it, use this tool to locate it. Go to Start and type the word "favorites" into the Search bar. If Windows finds the folder, it will be listed under Programs. Double-click the link and Windows will take you to the folder. Click on Organize > Properties. Here you can either find out the exact location for future reference or you can change it back to its default location.

To find out the exact location, click the General tab. Write down the location for future reference. If you'd prefer to change the folder back to its original default location, click on Location followed by Restore Default. This puts the folder back into the Users\[User Name] folder. You can also click "Move" to move the Favorites folder.

Windows 7 keeps all of your favorites neatly stored in the Favorites folder. It's usually located in the Users folder. Start there and you should find it. If not, use the search technique and either jot down its location or change it back to the default.






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